Where staff learn the skills to be exceptional at work


Our Story

Staff Work Institute was founded in 2011 to address a gap in the training and development of staff. There are leadership institutes everywhere, but not a single institute dedicated to staff work - even though staff form the bulk and backbone of any organisation. Since then, Staff Work Institute has taught close to 20,000 students on the fundamentals and principles of staff work. 


Our Beliefs

1. A staffer has to be primarily responsible for the work he produces.

When a staffer does not perform well or is not motivated enough, the problem does not lie entirely with his bosses, even if the leader must play a part. But there is a limit to the extent a boss can ‘ensure’ good work when it comes to a staffer lacking in competence or attitude.


2. Training a staffer directly is instrumental to enhancing his performance and motivation.

Staffers with great potential sometimes fail to deliver not because they are unwilling, but because they are unable: they do not know exactly what constitutes good staff work or how to go about delivering it.

3. Great leaders have been glorified, but the importance of good staffers is often understated.

Behind every successful leader are his staffers. Bosses cannot lead without staffers; staffers are indispensable to even great leaders. The staffers are the ones who see through a boss's directions, get things done and meet targets. When there is a bad boss, good staffers make things work. Bosses inspire staffers, but staff also motivate bosses. The relationship between bosses and staffers is symbiotic – there cannot be one without the other.