Classroom Courses

Fundamental Skill Sets

The fundamentals of good staff work are covered in the following courses:

Staff Instincts – This course uses a 6-stage staffing cycle to describe what a staffer has to do to staff issues on an everyday basis.

Staff Analyses – This course teaches ways of dissecting issues systemically, fundamentally and comprehensively, to arrive at the best courses of action and, ultimately, recommendations.

Staff Writing – This course uses an ROE framework (Reasoning, Organising, Expressing) to describe how a staffer has to prepare submissions to senior management.

Staff Presentations – This course focuses on 6 key aspects of presentations (preparation, slides, body language, speech, anxiety, Q&A) to describe the how a staffer should conduct briefings to senior management.

Related Skill Sets

Staff Vetting – This course introduces a 7-step process for vetters to work with a staff writer. It covers how to improve a submission and how to guide and nurture a staffer over time.

Staffing Meetings – This course covers what a secretary has to do before, during, and after a meeting. The writing of minutes is covered extensively, along with other responsibilities, such as preparing an agenda, coordinating submissions, and preparaing the meeting room.