Staff Instincts

What should a staffer do on a daily basis? What does it mean by ‘staffing’ an issue? 

This 1-day course uses Staff Work Institute’s staffing cycle to explain all that a staffer has to do and the standards he has to meet when staffing issues.


Workshop Outline

  • Learn a 6-stage daily staffing cycle.

  • Apply the staffing cycle to developmental, operational, and everyday issues.

  • Learn the actions required of every stage (e.g. analyse issues deeply, advise the boss, identify stakeholders, use the right approval channel, communicate intent to implementers, provide situational updates, learn lessons, enable growth).

  • Understand the importance of organisational savvy.

  • Learn the instincts required for success at work by working through 20+ case studies of everyday issues and situations. 


S$338 per pax, for a minimum class size of 18 pax, excluding venue and refreshments.


Image: via Freepik