Staff Presentations

Presentations made to senior officials are called ‘staff presentations’. They are made by the staff, to the senior echelons of an organisation, to help the latter in making decisions. They are different from the ‘marketing presentations’ taught by most trainers: there are no gimmicks, and there is no need to prepare a colourful set of slides to brighten up a presentation. Senior officials are impressed not by gimmicks, but by well-considered and coherent arguments explained clearly and concisely.

This 2-day course divides staff presentations into 6 key components: background preparations, written component (slides), verbal component (speech), non-verbal component (body language and appearance), emotional management (anxiety), and a debate component (Q&A).


Workshop Outline

  • Understand the background preparations needed (e.g. requirements of the forum and Chairperson).

  • Know the common mistakes made by staff officers before a presentation.

  • Learn the guidelines for slide presentations.

  • Learn to use visual communication techniques to prepare powerful slides.

  • Know the common errors in the usage of fonts, bullets, colours, images, and diagrams.

  • Learn techniques in improving voice projection and diction.

  • Learn the importance of body language, the right postures and demeanour.

  • Know the common mistakes made by presenters in appearance and body language.

  • Learn how to reduce anxiety before and during a presentation.

  • Learn the use of ‘visualisation’.

  • Understand how to prepare for the Q&A session, how to answer questions, and how to handle disagreements of meetings members.

  • Obtain a video-recording of one’s presentation to clearly identify and work on areas for improvement.



S$512 per pax, for a minimum class size of 20 pax, excluding venue and refreshments.


Follow-Up Coaching

This is an optional add-on component after the completion of the staff presentations course. Individuals will apply the skills learnt from the course to make presentations. The coach will work with them over 2 additional sessions to improve their presentation techniques.


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