Staff Vetting

How should a vetter work with a staff writer?

This 2-day course provides a thorough process for vetters to improve a draft paper and at the same time guide, nurture and improve their staff writer over time.


Workshop Outline

  • Understand the roles of a vetter.

  • Learn a 7-step process that covers the responsibilities of a vetter from the intiation of a task to its conclusion.

  • Learn how to provide initiating guidance to staff.

  • Learn how to evaluate draft proposals and reports.

  • Learn whom to consult and what to consult on a draft.

  • Learn how to sense and elicit the approving authority’s views.

  • Learn how to polish language into a clear and concise form.

  • Learn how to coach writers.



S$528 per pax, for a minimum class size of 20 pax, excluding venue and refreshments.


Image: via Freepik